We just traveled on a 9 hour overnight flight, a 20 minute bus ride, an hour and a half train ride, and another 20 minute train ride, but we’ve made it.  Exhausted, hungry, and hot, we’ve made it.  We’re here in Taiwan, but it hasn’t really sunk in yet.  We’re surrounded by Asian people, which is something we’ve never experienced before, all speaking a language that is extremely unknown to us.  We can’t even pretend to know what things say or how to pronounce anything because its all written with characters, not letters.  Luckily, pretty much everything in regards to public transportation has an english description alongside the Chinese characters.



The exchange rate here is definitely in our favor.  Especially after coming from Australia, we feel like we’re paying next to nothing!  We just went to McDonald’s for lunch—yes, we do enjoy American fast food every once in a while—and we paid $3 for a large Big Mac meal!  It was awesome considering a dinky dollar-menu cheeseburger was $2.60 in Australia.

It’s raining now, but it’s actually pretty nice because it helps to cool things down.  It is so hot here, and extremely humid!  When we stepped out of the airport to get on a bus it felt like someone added 10lbs worth of bricks to my pack and then misted me with saltwater.  It’s so gross!  I’ve never experiened heat and humidity to a such a degree as this that makes you just feel heavy.  Lucky for me, I also get to experience the heat and sweat from little Carter as I carry him in our baby carrier…


So yeah, welcome to Taiwan.

Wow.  It’s just so crazy to think about being here, since we were just in Australia hanging out with friends and eating Marmite toast (which we actually kind of liked) and Tim Tam slams not even 24 hours ago.

I feel a bit empty here as we sit in our little studio apartment with our A/C on full blast unpacking our things and getting situated.  I feel alone with the notion that no one here knows me.  I feel out of place as we walk along the streets and see sign after sign that I can’t even guess at the meaning.  I feel overwhelmed just thinking about what life is going to be like while we’re here for the next month.  I feel hopeful of friendships we’ll create.  I feel giddy for all the sights we’ll see while we’re here.  I feel anxious to see and do everything right now so we don’t miss a thing.

I feel right at home with all these feelings as I’ve faced them the previous months.    I love this adventure we’re on and, for now, I wouldn’t change it one bit.

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