Soon we’ll be leaving this little piece of paradise that has been our home for the past month.  We’ll be hopping around a bit from hotel to hotel as we make our way around a few more islands here in the Philippines, then fly to Singapore, then Paris, take a train to London, and then get to Manchester.  It’s weird to think that in just a few days, I won’t be waking up to the sun shining down on us through the palm trees.


In just a few weeks, this experience here in Dumaguete will feel like a dream.  A beautiful dream filled with sunshine, swimming, beaches, cool breezes, birds, fruits…  Part of me wishes we could stay here in Dumaguete for another month just soaking in all that the Philippines has to offer, but the other part is ready for change.  I’m ready for English to be the main language and to have hot water again.  I’m ready to be thrown into something new and unfamiliar and calling it home.  I’m ready to explore a very small part of what Europe has to offer.  I’m ready to be overwhelmed by history!

Stay cool, Dumaguete.  I sincerely hope that we will meet again someday.