First of all, not only was I thinking about my favorite movie (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) the whole time we were at the restaurant, but did you know that sardines can be this big??  Mind blown.


Our good friends Lynn and Yassine took us to a little restaurant outside the medina to try grilled sardines.  Here’s a video about how to eat them and my reaction to having them for the very first time:

To say we were pleasantly surprised would be an understatement.  These sardines were delicious!  They were easy to peel off (once they cooled down a bit) and they were salted to perfection.  We even squeezed a little lime juice on them and our taste buds exploded!

Sardines are a staple here.  When walking through the medina, it’s common to see people carrying a recyclable back, or two, filled to the brim with sardines fresh off the boats.  With them being so simple to prepare and easy to eat who can blame them?!


Carter is watching the sardine guy grill the fish.  He places about 5 of them between a fish grill and then lays them above the coals while flipping and fanning them the entire time they’re on the grill.  They are heavily salted with sea salt and some oil to make the scales more crisp so they come off really easy before eating.


Carter loved the tomatoes.  Surprise, surprise.  He dug his hand in pretty much everything and it was difficult for Scott or me to stop him because our hands were covered in fish!  This was definitely the messiest meal we’d had in a while and Carter thoroughly enjoyed himself until we managed to get everything out of his reach.

Now I know that sardines are, in fact, NOT super gross!  Thank you again Lynn and Yassine!