The Galleria dell’Accademia was the smallest museum I think I’ve ever been in. Elizabeth and I were walking through just chatting with each other and we went through an entire section twice before we realized it. There were definitely some really cool things to see in the museum, lots of statues, but the main thing everyone goes to see is David. And rightfully so.

We arrived at 7:30 am (45 minutes before it opened) and I felt silly for being there so early! We were the 5th people in line and some of the only people on the street.  Though, within about 5 minutes the line started growing and another 15 minutes later there had to have been close to 100 people in line. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling silly for being there so early any more. At 8:15am the doors opened and we were through security with a ticket in hand in a mere 5 mins! I asked Elizabeth if we should go straight to David first and then mosey around the rest of the museum when there were more crowds, but before she could answer we had turned the corner and found ourselves staring at him from about 50 yards away.  The museum was almost empty as we crossed the long hall.


David is huge and masculine in all his glory. There is so much detail in him it’s incredible. It was amazing to see his ribs, the veins in his neck, the detail of his toenails, and of course his chiseled abs (quite literally). Elizabeth and I slowly circled him for about 10 minutes in complete awe of how freakishly attractive he was. We even went back to see him a few more times before we left (mostly because we couldn’t find the exit and had to keep retracing our steps, added to the fact that he’s the largest most obvious piece in the museum).

DSC04738 DSC04736

Even though I had to pay €11 to be in his presence, it was very worth it to experience in person one of the greatest pieces of art in all of history.

Family Travel Tips

  • Getting there: The road to get to the Galleria dell’Accademia is in the southeast corner of San Marco square.  Several bus lines make a stop there.
  • Larger Families: The Galleria dell’Accademia is a museum, but it wasn’t the quietest museum I’ve ever been in, so any age children are welcome.  Scott was sick the morning I went, so he lovingly offered to babysit Carter so I could go myself and I do appreciate not being rushed in studying David.
  • What Not To Miss: Pretty self-explanatory.  Don’t miss David.  It’s pretty hard to miss him though since he is the center of the museum and by far the biggest thing there.
  • What To Bring: Camera!  You are able to take pictures inside the Galleria, you just aren’t allowed to use flash photography.
  • Total Cost: €11.  The normal price is €6.50 unless there is a special exhibit going on, then it’s €11.  Be sure to check the website for hours and updated prices.  According to this article, All non-EU minors under 18 get in for free.