Since we were in London with young kids and during Christmas time I wanted to do as many festive, family-friendly things I could find, and there were a lot!  On one of the days we went to Leicester Square, specifically for Santa’s Grotto.  There was a whole Christmas Market set up in Leicester Square and of all the Christmas markets I went to, this one was my favorite!  Carter and Zellie were so excited for Santa’s Grotto and it was a lot of fun.  There were about 5 other kids with us and we all went in a little building that was all decorated for Christmas and we started singing some festive songs with Santa.  He then read us The Night Before Christmas and that poem with the British accent was the most amazing thing I’d ever heard!  Santa then met with each child one-on-one and asked them their name and what kinds of things that they like and if they’d been a good kid that year and it was adorable to see Carter so confident and comfortable talking with him.  (Not like what happened the previous year haha)  Zellie on the other hand had no desire to go see him by herself, but she was fine to stand next to him as long as I was with her!


Out of all the food vendors at the market the kids chose these mini pancakes and LOVED them!


And I obviously chose a German sausage, filled with bacon this time, because it’s AMAZING.  And chips all around because we’re in the UK and you have to have chips as a side to pretty much every meal!  I’m looking forward to putting together a little Kids in London Trip Guide to share all of the things we learned about exploring the city!