We’ve been away from home for over 3 weeks now!  Scott and I were just talking about it yesterday and it feels so weird that we put our bus in storage 3 weeks ago… In some ways it feels like we’ve been traveling for months and in other ways it feels like we just got to the UK.  Time is crazy like that!  When we first arrived in London we were all sorts of lost and confused trying to get from the airport to our rented flat.  Then Carter and I were sick for the first couple days!


The kids felt right at home in the flat sharing bunk beds like they do on the bus!


When we were finally able to go on a family outing in London, I was just so excited to be getting out of the house that we went without any plan haha.  Not planning before a day out with 3 young kids was not our best idea!


We spent a fair bit of time sitting on the steps outside our flat trying to come up with some sort of plan after I rushed us out the door haha.


After walking around West Minster Abbey for a little bit the kids were all of a sudden starving and obviously I didn’t think to bring any food for them.  By the time we got to a Pret A Manger and picked up a couple things to eat we needed to run to the train so we could meet up with a friend near Kingston.  We then spent the next 3 hours trying to get to Kingston!  Haha!  I can laugh about it now because it’s in the past 😂  We accidentally got on the wrong train and then got off and barely missed the train back so we had to wait 45 minutes for the next one.  Aaaand Scott was carrying our stroller up and down sooo many stairs at all of the stations while I was carrying 2 kids and holding Carter’s hand haha.  It was a pretty rough day, feeling like we were in everyones way, being so confused about navigating the train stations, and just feeling so exhausted by it all.  BUT we finally made it to our friend and we had a WONDERFUL evening walking around her little town and heading into Kingston to see Christmas lights and walk through the market!


Carter wanted alllll the candy he saw haha but most of all he really really wanted a giant lollipop! The Christmas market was so fun!  I put some stories and photos in my IG stories about it.  This was the first night we got a German sausage and I got one almost every day we were in London after our night in Kingston haha.  The sausages were so good!


We had much more pleasant experiences on future outings as we explored London with our 3 young kids and I love this city so much!  Can’t wait to share more with you about our time in London!