We had so much fun in CA last week!  It was a great transition trip for our family before we came to London and we had such a great time seeing Scott’s family for his brother’s wedding!  I wish that we had done more adventuring while in CA for a few days, but honestly we realized that we had quite a few errands to run while still in the states… but on one of the days we were there we spent and entire day dedicated to the beach!  We had rented a car for our time in CA, but the kids and I opted to take the train to the beach.  The kids are always begging to take public transportation!  I mean, who would want to be buckled into a seat belt when experiencing a train is the alternative?!  So we loaded up the stroller, walked a few blocks to the train station, and were dropped off at the beach.  I’d definitely opt to ride the train over dealing with traffic and parking that’s for sure!


Our second day in CA I realized that I HAD to have sunglasses to survive the next few days there… and obviously I can’t buy sunglasses for just myself, everyone had to have a pair!


We made our way to the Oceanside Pier and camped out on the beach near the playground for the day.  The kids had a blast going from the water and sand to the playground!


Baby toes ❤️  And Zellie’s glasses that she so kindly gave to Jameson 😆


I’ve gotten quite a few questions about the stroller that we have so I’ll talk a little bit about it here.  It’s the Uppababy Vista 2013 model.  We have the toddler seat (Rumble seat) and the riding board (Piggy Back board) attached to accommodate the three kids.  As you can see it’s literally stuffed full!  The stroller handled the sand wonderfully (pulling it backwards on the two large wheels) and it provided a great place for shade to get the kids out of the sun every once in a while.  If there’s interest, I can either do an Instagram Live video about the stroller or a more detailed blog post about it, so just let me know!  It’s been a great stroller for us and I am constantly impressed by it.  It is a very expensive stroller, so we decided to go the used route and purchased an older model.  While it has been a great stroller for us, I do wish that I had bought a 2015/2016 model brand new!  There are so many perks with the newer models that I really wish we had and honestly we kind of got bamboozled by the person we bought this stroller from and there are a few quirks to it because it’s older and hadn’t been taken care of.  But we’ve learned!  And either way, we love the stroller and will be using this stroller until it falls apart on us haha.


Sleeping baby!


Towards the end of our day at the beach, we found out that there were fires happening fairly close.  The smoke took over the sky and even though it was early afternoon, the smoke over the sun made it feel like dusk.  The winds picked up and the smoke got thicker, but Carter insisted that we walk the pier before going home.


We stopped and watched the surfers for a little bit and Carter told me all of these (made up) facts about surfing 😆  Like you have to wear black, have long hair, and surf next to the pier where the waves are the best to be a good surfer. He’s so observant!

We had such a great time in CA and are excited to be in London (despite our crazy experiences getting here)!