This is Zellie, our little miracle baby.  I know there are plenty of babies out there with smaller odds of survival than our Zellie had, but for us she is a miracle.  She was born 1 week and 1 day early at 6lbs, but what we didn’t realize until the placenta was birthed, was that had she stayed in the womb much longer she could have died.  She had what is called “velamentous cord insertion” where the umbilical cord is not attached to the center of the placenta, but rather to fetal membranes that go to the placenta.  This leaves several exposed blood vessels that are vulnerable to rupture which can result in a stillbirth.
At 6lbs, she is a tiny thing, but oh so beautiful.  She is wearing “premie” clothes, but I like to think of the “P” on the label as “petite”, not “premie” haha.  She is very healthy and has amazed the midwives with how well she feeds, sleeps, and responds despite her early delivery and small size.

We are loving everything about our teeny baby girl and feel so blessed to have her here with us.  She was long awaited, and now is doted on by everyone around her.  Her nickname is Princess Zellie (it’s the absolute cutest when Carter calls her that!!) and we are spoiling her with love.