Like you I was scared of bees. He’s just going against what you said and you’re sad about it. This “gimmick” offers a vision to people who love the concept of bees but were afraid of them to get into the hobby. Finally. It seems that the question of the use of something like the FlowHive boils down to a perspective of one’s relationship to the bees. The best inventors came out of other countries and were not americans but were walked over. A certains moments, la moindre trace de miel provoquera une frénésie chez les abeilles alors que pour la flow-hive, on laisse les pots à l’air libre, une vraie bombe à retardement…C’est ce qu’on appelle le pillage, regardez la vidéo suivante pour apprécier ce que produisent quelques gouttes de miel égarées à proximité d’un rucher –> VIDEO, Imaginez des pots entiers laissés à l’air libre, vont être contents les … If bees dont like the plastic they will simple move ! We will keep you informed if anything changes and we begin to use any different types of materials.”. The world moves forward through believing in individuals. That is why you find hives in walls and tires and abandoned cars. Note- I have been keeping bees for 5 years, and just this May finally got a super full of honey. Supporters argue that by simplifying (or automating) the most time-consuming part of beekeeping — the harvest —   more people may want to take up beekeeping; more beekeeping may lead to greater support to save bees and therefore Flow Hive is a positive thing. I am ready for purchase but wanted to find some reviews, which is how I came upon your blog or whatever. Want some cool tips, send out some youtube links on the tecnoligias created by a Brazilian beekeeper, he can create a condominium system, 3 queens in a hive in a single hive produces 150kg of honey, worth checking out. Innovation environnement 1 : Flow Hive, faire son propre miel sans déranger les abeilles c’est possible ! might be able to handle that”. Backyard beekeepers dont necessarily put honey through plastic or rubber. The frames contain a partially-formed plastic honeycomb lattice with vertical gaps. So to say i am not invested is just malarkey. An acquaintance of mine used to deliver trucks of sugar to commercial hives, as they exploit the bees to the max. The Flow Hive has raised over $13 million and counting. Flow Hive is a beehive designed to allow honey to be extracted simply by turning a lever: the hive does not have to be opened and the bees are not disturbed as in normal extraction. to you and your business model, then Don’t do it! “This just makes honey collection simpler and easier”. If the article is all you say, how come Maryam asked Flow Hive inventers for their views/comnents/response, which they sent her and she said ‘I haven’t had time to read it, or publish it’ That was over 6 months ago. but your assumptions were that anyone who was interested in getting to know bee keeping via this kind of hive was a simpleton who was a “wal mart” type of bee keeper – that was the tone. I will share this on social media as well as with my listeners on The Organic View. Hello. I don’t know. I love my flowhive and so do the bees apparently. I have no idea if the inventors of the Flow system were even remotely aware of this patent. How’s the view from that high horse? While it doesn’t have the quaint beehive look, what it does offer outweighs my need for pretty. Screaming for purity for the bee’s would never happen if it were not for the global distribution of honey bee’s found in Africa thousands of years ago. Do you get a medal or trophy for being such a pursit? I know nothing of bee keeping. informative and clearly explains that hive health, and all the Ease of Use . I do intend to attend the (traditional) beekeeping course that I’ve signed up for to gain the respect and relationship to bees, but as always with my internet research, I have to come across bitter opinions. Is it possible that some people will purchase a flow hive expecting a honey keg with no other commitment? (And yes, for anybody who’s wondering : I have been around bees for much of my life, I have worked with commercial beekeepers, run my own sideline honey business since the 1970s – and I attended Hawkesbury Ag’ college (UWS) here in NSW..). How does it help bees survive the issues they are currently grappling with? What is the required maintenance on a hive? A Warre hive doesn’t do anything a Langstroth hive can’t. Redesign it to keep some of the honey unextracted for survival of bees. They are agreeing to not use pesticides that will harm our bees… What a terrible thing it has been for bees that we purchased this “expensive gimmick”. Or, why use a a plastic blender for smoothies when you can squish fruit by hand. These honey robbers resent the idea of farming bees in boxes. I agree, Maryam. . Remember it takes money to make money and bigger investments might save you more money in time, so weigh out the pros and cons before jumping the gun and do your research before getting into something. The inventor should be praised for even trying to advance this ancient craft and not criticized because “that’s not the way we’ve done it before” attitude. I’m sure every change in bee keeping has been met with resistance from traditionalists. As a friend of mine used to say, “How is that working for you? The manufacturers also say that third-party labs have tested this material and the results have demonstrated that it is free of estrogenic and androgenic activity. More hives by more people means more locations for bees to live, and more people will be concerned about planting more flowering plants and using fewer pesticides. In my opinion this is a bad idea because it does not teach people the proper care of bees but pushes the notion it is easy to raise bees and drain the honey when you so desire. 1 – Plastic has the same properties as wax and allows the bees to function as normal, including regulating hive temperatures and communicating. Most human beings are too busy destroying their part of the Earth to listen to such sentimental rubbish. I may well work … but i do not think work well . Sounds like you have not seen bulk And if it’s capped honey, there won’t be any adult bees either. They could be very beneficial for new beekeepers that don’t want to invest in all the equipment at once. The Flow system moves the sides of incomplete cells (which the bees plug individually) vertically to break the wax so the honey can drain. No many traditional beekeepers do not use plastic fact none I know do. Once i get up running with this hive i will look into more conventional hives as i would also like to keep native bees. A well set up commercial operation harvests honey pretty efficiently, and there could be three supers on top of a strong hive, which i’m not sure how this system would handle, especially if you are in Tasmania where a lot of beekeepers use ideal or half height frames. it’s fine. that is just very strange reasoning. The Egyptions first did migratory beekeeping on the Nile, bees kept on a barge and floated downstream at night maybe 5 miles. John Moser, George Sprague, theallseeingmaster, Reece, Brent R Franklin II, Iif we distance ourselves from all that, we aren’t part of it anymore and just like an enemy to this planet, like a parasyte but in bigger scale, of course the way could still change direction but it doesn’t seem like that. We had one of these going after our company and he just lost in court. The wax does not however become solid, but remains fluid till it is transformed into blood, or muscles, or into the cells of the bones. You only pull from the overflow. This will allow me to open the brood to control swarming, while replacing empty brood in the Italian hive with Carniolan cells to stimulate fast build-up. Or it could be the thing that gets many people interested and started into beekeeping who may then decide to follow a more “traditional” route. Not really. For me it is all about the Bees…We honestly do not know how the Bees will react to this product. is really less scientific than I’m comfortable with BUT overall you made great points and anyone who doesn’t get what you are saying are probably already invested in the FH and just trying to justify their purchases to themselves. I also know how to dig my truck out of mud and sand but apreciate a tree to use my winch to pull me out too when bogged. The peaceful scene of smiling kids running around as a jar is being filled is certainly far from the reality of hundreds of bees being disturbed by honey pouring down on them. Thank you for this article. They seem to be very interested in helping new beekeepers and supporting their customers. It’s animal husbandry with a negative twist. keep your opinions between you and your vegan book club. Then there is the cost. I am looking forward to my first harvest later in the season! Harvesting honey is quick & easy, with the few components (key & spout) supplied with the hive. Normal beekeeping methods have their own drawbacks and stresses to the bees. In: Frequently Asked Questions. It is not possible to bring about that intimate relationship between the colony and a Queen that has been bought, which results naturally when a Queen comes into being in the natural way. Nothing is ever 100% and just because you find minute faults in something, doesn’t mean you should actively try and deter people from doing something good. Some plonker trying to reinvent the wheel.... Just get a basic National/WBC hive and learn, practice, watch and learn again. Then the article claims the high ground by saying “Most beekeepers, including myself, will tell you that honey is just a bonus. I keep bees because I love them. It is arduous work, involving long hours and a lot of casualties. Flow does not encourage beekeeping without study. The real result will be a lot of FLOWHIVES being resold at a discounted price to real beekeepers who understand the craft. Your point about plastics argues from a point of fear. sounds pretty disturbing to me. How absurd. Hi Jordan its been a while since I first posted my opinions about the Flow Hive and since then I have seen first hand, several of these hives that have been set up by local beekeeping associations on the south coast of nsw. A Warre hive is sometimes easier to work on and claims to be a more natural bee habitat (which is bullshit). 3. i am glad this article has spurred so much talk. Automation is in full effect. The facts are that there is little to no negative effect on the bees with the the Flow Hive, and it has a huge upside of more interest in beekeeping. Truth is, bees are still in trouble and although there are innovators attempting to help, they are actually doing more damage to bees than helping solve the problem. It may well turn out that this is just a “fad” as you think, but it could be the next big thing. Something previous harvesting by removal and cutting off caps could never do. A queen excluder is supplied with EVERY FlowHive. You can’t just rip out the foundation & melt it down. I am very interested in a flow hive. By that logic the American inventors, Wilber and Orville Wright stole the invention of the aeroplane from the Italian inventor Leonardo DiVinci. wife was needing ME T8332340.ZFX a few weeks ago and was informed of an As a first time bee keeper, I have watched maybe 100 hours of videos online from traditional to flow hive and every single one (including the flow people) say you need to look after the brood box just like conventional bee keeping. They don’t care about the bees, they just want to mass produce this product and make money. They do have self-defense mechanism, as no living species on earth wants to die freely, but they do not sense pain as animals of all kinds do. Having to remove them disturbes them doesn’t it? Plastic combs? opening the hive” PC, i am old school. This is just overbearing arrogance. Meanwhile, this is a testament that is thriving. I don’t know but I do think that the way we use bees really needs to change because without them we are f*#^ed. I hate to break it to you, but you aren’t a bee. promotes ignorance and start using that breath to educate people so that there From buildings that did not collapse. PS the well educated Beekeeping Club has also invested in a FlowHive. we got a flow hive because we want pollinators for the orchard and garden we inherited when we moved into our rural rental. comments make me laugh. Until then the only thing I don’t care for is the price. Food for thought???? You’ve said it well Cleo. ”. It’s common for Lang and Warre owners to stack honey supers on top, since it’s easy; bees like to build from top down. You have to somehow manage bees. I’ve spent 50 years learning my craft. “I don’t like this idea for a number of reasons. The Flow Hive is not as sweet as it seems. Just add it later on? Traumatized bees means pissed-off bees, which means stings. But remember current conventional hives are made from inexpensive commercialy grown plantation pine trees usually needing several coats of plastic paint ( theres that nasty plastic word again) and contant maitenance. I respect you want to be a natural bee keeper, good for you. Get over yourselves and realize how much attention this product has brought to the current “bee problem” . world that are willing to express their own ignorance about products and/or I tested that they can be cracked and still moved after (with some work). Finally to Maryam. Irony here to hear her bashing flow hives. If I owned 1500 hive as a commercial Aparist I would explore ever new concept to gain on the economy of scale to increase profit and eliminate all the costly machinery and opportunities to spread desease. I don’t harvest more than 2 combs a year, I never re-queen and I only take bees that would have died if not taken, NEVER from the wild. As for vibration? Available Now. Mr Du pont would not share the secret of NYLON( the wonder plastic of the War years) speaking of war on natives. Each frame taps individually, as they said. Third there is no way the image of just letting it drain into a jar is going to work because open honey like that will invite robbing… the jar would be covered/filled with bees as you’re trying to fill it. The stickies (combs) usually go back onto hives for a year or two before being melted down, Great idea for the backyarder, but economics and production efficiencies won’t let this take off in the commercial world. And vulgar? It is rather obvious that this article expresses the angst from a protectionist that is attempting to rally resistance to progress. Yet without some sort of communion, doesn’t the process kind of look like honey-robbing? They are creating safe water source for bees. “How dare someone try to Who’s being emotional? Fist brood box maintenance would still need done every harvest and have normal periodic inspection for swarm colonies building in the hive. i dont want to keep my bees this way. most commercial operators handle honey by the super these days, NOT individual frames (forklifts, palets, eboxers and automatic uncappers have changed that..). Symptoms of aspartame poisoning include: unconsciousness, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, palpitation, weight gain, irritability, anxiety, memory loss, blurry vision, fainting, joint pains, depression, infertility, hearing loss and more. I quite thought their hive was too small to allow for brood and honey storage to feed the bees in the winter, with just that lower brood box and one honey super. Sometimes it just takes an open mind to achieve a better way. The whole debate of for and against has been missed out. That being said, please understand that this is from a completely desire-to-know position, and not a critical on either side because I will be the first to admit I’m not in a position of knowledge to criticize either side of this discussion. Honey “on tap” is an expensive, bad idea. Not everything that has to do with bees is good for the . Let’s work together, keep our eyes and minds open, respect and nurture our bees and hope we may increase them in numbers to the benefit of all. There will always be an opposing view…in fact with when things are great, true, real etc. seek help or dont write, Zebedi I agree I am a commercial beekeeper and beleive this is a gimmick but may be used by someone with one hive for conversation only otherwise it is not practical. No matter how you slice it, bees take time, attention, muscle, patience, and money…unless someone gives you everything you need to get started. We invited them to keep coming to our meetings and learn about bees rather than being afraid of them. enough with big box store type bullshit. Its not the Warre hive to claims to be natural, just that the ideologies and methods behind keeping bees in top bar hives tend to be more ‘natural’ and certainly bee-centric, than many other methods because bees are allowed to do what they do with minimal interference and mostly without the expectation of honey on tap to steal whenever you want. to each their own. I cut it into small squares and we ate if from the plate. 200 hundred years ago there were no European honey-bees in this country. I should do everything I can to encourage people to make music, no? You have the choice of forming your hive using a TOPBAR no wire or nylon fishing line (gee a plastic successfully used in hives since nylon fishing line was invented) to make BROOD comb Strange comments. i am actually not a vegan or cantankerous. I’ve used traditional Langstroth, a Flow Hive, and this year added Apimaye hives to the inventory. Backfilling brood is not part of swarming; it’s a triggering condition, and the bees I expect would be more likely to swarm while filling empty honey comb than to leave honey combs empty so as to backfill the brood for the express purpose of making themselves swarm. Dedicated email, chat, phone support, and access to our Flow Community Forums that are a hive of activity and information. Spin the honey directly into the bulk tanks for filtering and bottling and be done with it. NO. Can someone just come out and set it all up for us. When something lasts much longer the initial cost makes sense. I think the Flow Hive has struck an already tense nerve because right now everyone wants more beekeepers. The honey is shown flowing into a jar or onto pancakes..with no bees in sight. It makes sense to me. Thank you for your article, I will consider everything you’ve said before I make the jump into getting a beehive. With the Flow Hive you get to rape the bees every day. I’ll make another post about it later, but if you are looking to make the best possible home for bees rather than just a nice way to harvest honey, then this hive is for you. The carbonation that is added increases gastric secretions and can make you flatulent. Get over it, and do it the way you want, but quit trying to get support for your lame argument. Lets try the new ideas ???? Home » Buzzworthy Blogs » 3 Reasons To Go Against The Flow Hive. 2 – What would you do with the Flow Hive to improve it and make it more bee-friendly? Looks like a gadget to me, for people who are not really into by beekeeping but just want easy honey… Those are not the kind of people that should keep bees! Expensive gimmick. My problem with this design is mostly symbolic. I am an avid hobby and commercial 4knowth generation beekeeper who has spent a lot of time dissecting the Flow Hive. Yep, all our cow milk comes the traditional way from milkmaids with big hands ???? How pretentious some Luddites can be! They could make the frames with organic hemp plastic! Think about it, “communing” is an intimate exchange. You want a “supermarket”. and 4 – What kind of hives and bee keeping supplies do you recommend? Thank you very much and all the best. wow ur just full of shit m8.. my god what a load of shit, bees are dying out because of humans and one guy comes up with away to help both side of the same coin and your acting like a true blown bitch!!!! People are free to think what they want and they can justify their purchase. exploitative or cruel than the violent methods currently used by Wasn’t a fan of your article and the quote above basically summarizes why I think your views are wrong. I agree that the writer seemed not to be aware of the personal slighting of the targeted audience which would result in the reader responding defensively. bee-keep differently than me” is what it comes off like. the honey is the last of it. is less ignorance about the bees and their hives and how it affects the world Yeah some one who understands plastics don’t need to come from petrochmical industry any more. A bee has a task, it finishes that task and it moves on. Using a FlowHive still requires normal beekeeping skills. 3. You claim to be a professional researcher….., this is clearly not one of your better submissions. You should be ashamed of yourself but of course humility requires depth of character. Nonsense. I ended up over here because I, too, saw the flow hive on facebook and thought perhaps I could actually keep bees with one of them but wanted to research more. I did my due diligence as an investor and came to the same conclusion as you. I would like to question why you would need a Flow Hive if you only wanted pollinators? The FlowHive frame can be removed and can be washed and cleaned easily individually. People who spend years inventing a useful gadget should be compensated for their talent and effort. Its may have its pros and cons,i see no problem with increasing the number of hives even without supervising and knowing anything about bees.its just like adding beehives into the wild only difderence is the habitat is dwindling away and being replaced by hives in urban areas.this will improve bee populations,after all who monitors health of bees that live in the wild.the bonus will be more bees and the keeper who is clueless gets some honey for his or her troubles i see nothing wrong.i do adore the purists but how many purists can we have to make a significant rise in bee population? 2020 Garden Variety Bees. This author appears to have that age-old syndrome: “Well that’s the way we’ve done it for ages, so let’s not change anything.” Is that what book printers said before the invention of movable press by Gutenberg? Would steel or wood be a better material for such a frame? No responsible beekeeper takes immature unripe honey. I don’t condemn an idea just because it isn’t the way it’s always been done. I just haven’t had a chance to publish it or even read it. The beekeeper ‘tunes in’ to bees as he/she goes into their ‘sacred place’. As for the cost, for a veteran beekeeper it may be high, but for the new beekeeper it is not. My thing is, don’t back lash something if you haven’t tried it yourself and if money is the issue than change over slowly in time. In Australia we use the Common European Honey Bee. This is one step in getting more people caring more about bees and wanting to be to part of the cure rather then the problem. PS I kept a photolog of all my travels. around us. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of HoneyColony and his community. The drones in the hive are driven off in winter by the workers who no longer have the resources to feed them. 2. The correct word is swarm and bees only swarm naturally if the hive becomes too large. I wanted to get some for my son’s hayfever allergies so was looking for info on the different methods of beekeeping. I am sharing my web address to see what your first reaction is and if you would like to be a Beta tester once we hit that stage? Foundations with big cells for brood tend to encourage mites; foundationless frames spaced at 1 1/4 (instead of 1 3/8) encourage smaller cells, reduce varroa, and allow bees to regulate temperatures more effectively with fewer bees piled up between combs. If anything, it will help increase the funds in their bank accounts. I have worked in South Africa (love Kudus, great leather and meat) adore Biltong. May 28. Anne, Job Opportunities at Marriott Hotel Canada, If you are interested Contact us immediately on this email address { } for more details. We know certain plastics release chemicals like Bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates or Organotin compounds, these chemicals are very harmful to both bees and human. Just because you’re assuming a specific (most harmful) method of use doesn’t mean that is how a product should be used. Absolutely nothing in this blog of negativity was aimed at addressing that other, (and I will concede you this) the effect plastic has on the hive. i like things that are friendly to nature, whats wrong with the way these folks do it ? As I will have to set up the Brood Box’s with a Queen and Nucleus of Bees would anyone know where I would be able to obtain them in Costa Rica? The assumption that a tool specifically for harvesting honey would somehow corrupt the rest of the “good beekeeping” process strikes me as a serious mental disconnect. Also, pulling frames and top bars moves them up and down, right next to other frames and top bars, which can easily grind bees together, rolling them, injuring them, killing several. Here is a single good question for anyone considering one of these things: What do you do about “impurities” in the honey like brood(it happens if you don’t use a queen excluder[and there is evidence that they harm the workers so I don’t use one]), pollen, hive beetle waste(ewwwwww), unripened nectar, etc. Yemen was not a great place but I did enjoy the fish when working off Mukulla (South Yemen)watching the boats cross from Somalia. What I find quite galling is that many people supporting the original article presume that anyone considering the Flow-Hive are instantly ignorant of any bee husbandry, which only highlights their own arrogant bigotry and undermines their viewpoint somewhat.

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