Eugene was a character played by wrestler Nick Dinsmore that was meant to be mentally disabled. How He Has Grown Over The Years. Nicholas Dinsmore, better known by pro wrestling audiences as " Nick Dinsmore, the man beneath the persona, did well—staying in character and letting his considerable ability shine through in the ring. Jaramilla, the attorney, said that much of Martindale’s criminal background is a symptom of his mental condition. After all, who really wants to watch a repo man in a wrestling environment, truly awful. On the plus side for Dinsmore, he's been able to make a career of the "Eugene" gimmick. Eugene was an unusual character, to say the least, as WWE tried its hand at an intellectually disabled gimmick. However, I feel a massive injustice has been done in regards to Dinsmore's potential to be a main eventer had he been given a different gimmick. Strangely enough, it wasn't. Eugene was part of the WWE from 2004 to 2007. Over the last years of being in the public eye, he has changed in all aspects most especially in his physical appearance. Pro wrestling has had its share of mentally challenged wrestlers. However, Eugene always walked a line between being inspirational and offensive. Having retired from the WWE last year at the top of her game, she is now working to spread the message with groups such as the National Alliance on Mental … Eugene. The sneaky heel character made zero impact and made fans do more than question their sanity. We got to see the naive and overly excited nephew of Eric Bishoff in 2004. “People need to see in context what that means,” Jaramilla said. “This is a mentally ill man who’s really loved by his father.” After the viral video and his resisting arrest convictions, Martindale’s troubles continued. Introduced in 2005 — yes, 2005 , this century — Eugene was played by Nick Dinsmore, an extremely talented but largely unknown journeyman wrestler. Not slow or punchy or dingy -- Eugene was fully mis-chromosomed. Not for one minute . That's right, in WWE they decided this of all things was a good idea to make exciting television. 12 Reverend D-Von In the case of Eugene, however, it was the character itself that was offensive: a mentally disabled wrestler who was usually played for laughs. Barron Trump was only eleven-year-old when his father became the president of the United State. Now I actually don't believe this man has a learning disability for real . He much seemed like a mentally disabled man but was really good inside the ring. He couldn't dress himself, carried teddy bears, and was not capable of understanding things like boners or physical assault. Have anyone seen the new character on WWE wrestling . I also think having him there supposedly portraying people with learning disabilites is an insult to our kids . Usually, this takes the form of a … In the long term, could people honestly see Dinsmore as Eugene in a main event feud for the WWE title? The U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) supports several initiatives that help employers interested in hiring individuals with disabilities, including:. This new wrestler is Eugene and is supposed to have a mental disability.

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