We got in a rut.  As a family, we got so comfortable in our life back in the US that we started placing more value on things we told ourselves we never would and slowly forgetting about the one thing that had shaped our goals as a family: TRAVEL.  We’ve done a fare bit of traveling in the US this past year as we’ve driven around in the bus (here, and here, and here, and here, and so many more you might just want to check out our “Destinations” section in the menu), but there is something about traveling internationally that really opens your mind, broadens your perspective, creates invaluable experiences, and for us, brought us closer as a family than we’ve ever been.

How did we let ourselves forget that?

Scott and I are in Mexico for a week without the kids.  I’m going to be very honest in telling you that I had a hard time fully agreeing to an international trip.  I was so comfortable where I was that I didn’t let myself remember why I love international travel.  Lucky for me, Scott was persistent and encouraging all throughout the planning process and though I wasn’t getting any less comfortable where I was, I was trying to be supportive of his desires and his vision of this trip so I agreed to go along.

The first day of travel all we could think about was the kids.  We experienced some awesome easiness with airplanes and airports and immigration and customs, but we also experienced a lot of annoyances and hard things.  We talked about what it would have been like if the kids had been with us and how we would handle those situations as a family of 4 traveling.  Again being honest, we were grateful that we didn’t have our kids with us as it is more stressful having to care for 2 kids in addition to yourself in a new place.

Once arriving to our destination for that afternoon, we wanted nothing more than for our kids to be with us experiencing the sites, sounds, smells, the flavors, and everything we were experiencing!  We are only a few days into this trip and I’m sure it will pass us by all too quickly, but we are getting refueled and reenergized to get out there and experience the world with our kids.  I’m writing this, and hopefully many more blog posts, to remind ME that traveling is something I love.  Traveling is what humbles me and gives me perspective.  Traveling helps me to learn and grow.  Traveling helps me to be my best self, the best wife I can be, and the best mother I can be.  Travelings helps to ground me in what’s truly important to us as a family.