People often comment that since we’re traveling the world we are living the perfect life. While some days often feel like a dream that couldn’t get any better, traveling isn’t always so. Besides dealing with the same real life issues that we would have back home, we add on all of the stresses that come with travel, from risking lost luggage to missing the last bus of the night. Though we are certainly living a dream of ours, it comes at a great sacrifice, and with the promise of many bumps and bruises along the way.

Budgeting, bills, rent, laundry, mounds of dishes, sweeping/mopping, cleaning up after a messy child, trying to trust in God wholeheartedly, feeling inadequate, financial uncertainties, getting sick, fearing the unknown, not belonging anywhere, selfishness, striving to be Christlike (and failing), communicating with each other as spouses, forgiving one another, wanting to grow our family, late late nights and early mornings, exercising, missing family and friends, running a small business by ourselves, and trying to balance the whole lot are all of the things we’d be dealing with at home. On the road it’s about the same, but with the added fun twist of being in an unfamiliar location.

We know that we chose this path in life right now, and we are very happy that we did.  We do wish a lot of times we stayed home, saved the money we spent on plane tickets and foreign apartments, got a loan for a plot of land and a cute little house. We want to get decorations for Christmas and Easter and have a yard and real dogs.  But the bottom line is this: we’re out here for a reason, and doing what we’re doing will bless our family for years to come.

We are humbled by the experiences we’re having, the good and the bad, and we’re grateful for every bit of it.  Though inadequacies, imperfections, flaws, and everyday burdens are an inevitable reality, we can make the best of wherever we are.

Family being happy | The Not-so-perfect Life of Traveling