We’ve been kicking it in Branson with a lot of my extended family this week for Thanksgiving! Other than the kids getting re-sick, it’s been a lot of fun!  Poor Scott has been so nice to watch the kids so I can go to shows and hang out with my family and it’s in those times when I’m away that the kids are the most sick.  I won’t go into details, but there have been an excessive amount of bodily fluids from both kids all over Scott, beds, and Scott.  Like I said, poor guy!  He’s a champ though and we’re really looking forward to that Thanksgiving meal tomorrow!

On Monday the whole family went to Top of the Rock at Big Cedar and did the golf cart tour.  We had so much fun and there were a lot of fun things to see too!



Caves we drove through on the tour.


What happens when you try to take a nice family picture with everyone smiling and your toddler grabs your head and yanks you down!


Coming out of the caves.


Best photo I could get of him smiling.  My mom was nice enough to stay home with Zellie since it was a cold outdoor tour so it was fun to experience this with just Carter!


Carter was so good to hold on tight at all times! He even reminded me of it on several occasions 😉


We’re at the tail end of the colors here in Branson but it’s still beautiful! All of the rolling hills and lakes make my heart happy.


This kid is getting so big! It really is crazy to me that he’s almost 3 1/2 then he’ll be 4 and then next thing I know he’ll be 12! Like I mentioned before, it was really good to take just Carter on this little excursion. With Zellie getting older and being more active, getting into his stuff more, and just needing our attention more in general, Carter’s been feeling a little left out. He and I have talked about going on a date together, just the two of us, Carter and mommy not Zellie and daddy, 1and 2, me and him. We have big plans for this date of ours once we return to Texas!


My wonderful grandparents who are the most selfless people I know and who put so much of themselves and their time and money into making sure the family has opportunities to get together. They are both amazing examples to Scott and I and our kids adore them!!


Funny story about this picture… I wanted a nice picture of everyone with this beautiful background so I put our big DSLR on top of a golf cart and set the timer 🙈 Scott was very hesitant watching me set this up in a big rush and later told me that I almost knocked it off as I jumped out of the cart to run into the photo! But, I was so rushed into setting the camera up and taking the photo that I didn’t realize that I would barely even be in the photo! Ha. Oh well, everyone is looking and smiling except for Carter, Scott, and I haha.



She’s taking pictures of the ornaments she likes so she can make them with her mom when they get home! How cute is that?!


We hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving!