As you’ve probably seen from my Instagram, we were welcomed back to Oregon after our holiday traveling with about a foot of old snow that had become very hard and icy. Scott actually got our car stuck as we were making our first attempt at getting to the bus. #facepalm We’ve since received another foot of fresh snow and have a winter storm warning knocking at our door. A lot has been going on in our lives the last week (it feels like it’s been several weeks!) as we’ve tried to decide what our future holds for our family. We have learned a lot about our bus home and what it can and cannot handle and what kinds of climate it prefers.

Some of this might sound obvious to you, but I’m an over-optimist and Scott is a budget-conscious realist so after weighing the options we had back in August to rough out the winter in the PNW or not, we chose to rough it out (in my over-optimistic view of things I did not see it being this wintery :)). As Scott and I have questioned over and over again how we got stuck (quite literally as our back wheel is buried in about 6 inches of frozen mud) here in Hood River during the winter, there are so many factors and decisions that we experienced and could or could not have made. We’ve decided that it does not matter why we’re in the situation we’re in, but what we’re doing with our situation that will have the most affect on our future.

The fact is that we love Hood River. I dare say that that statement does not do our feelings for Hood River justice. WE LOVE HOOD RIVER. Like many, I presume, we visited at the end of summer and the beginnings of fall when the weather was better than perfect and the colors were indescribably incredible and there was so much fresh local fruit at our fingertips and like a million waterfalls within a 40 mile radius, and family friendly hiking, kayaking, and THE SCENERY, OMG! …I could go on. It was enchanting to say the least and Hood River has a very special place in our hearts.

We’ve been on the road since Carter was born (~3.5 years) and this is the first time we’ve ever felt pulled somewhere. Hood River feels more like HOME to us than anything we’ve ever experience. When we had the decision to leave in November before our holiday traveling, we weren’t quite ready to give that up so we pushed forward with our decision to rough out the winter.

Since being back it really hasn’t been that bad. Our home is our safe-haven. We’re able to stay warm and on those mornings when we can’t stay warm (when it’s 0 degrees outside) we are able to go do things in town or see friends.  We are functioning and we are happy in our home and the weather is temporary. One thing that I love about our home, is that when we do decide to move on from Hood River, we will always have our home with us. We will always have our safe-haven.