**Update: The embedded video crashed and I’m not able to fix it on my phone, so here’s a link to the video directly. Please watch it first!


Alright, I agree.  We took way too long to get to this point.  We’ve kind of been slacking off all around, actually.  And we’d like to make it up to you.

We’ve come to the realization that aside from screwing around with the website code from time to time, we weren’t really producing any content for 12 Countries in 12 Months, and it was hurting everyone.  We were caught in the trap of thinking that, just based on the merit of the project itself, that everyone would just be dying to find out our next move.  That every post would be eaten up.  That we could do no wrong.

But what we now understand is that you, whoever it may be that is reading this or watching the video above, are part of the journey.  And as such, we have need to show you more of that journey and less of our kid’s monthly home photoshoots.  Yeah, we think Carter’s cute, I’m sure you get it by now.  But it’s time to move on to why you’re really here… and, frankly, why we’re really here.

We started wearethemannings.com as a way to document our unique travel experience, and it’s about time we document.

So without jib jabbing even longer about less-than-essential details, we’re here to invite you to the very beginning of the journey: deciding where to go.

Our Twelve Countries

We started as a young couple with a simple desire to be in a different country each month for a calendar year.  That plan has now morphed into an epic family expedition to live in 12 wildly unique countries on the 6 livable continents, with intentions to visit the 7th non-livable one.  Here is the list of the twelve countries we’re planning on visiting:


1. New Zealand



2. Australia



3. Taiwan



4. Thailand


5. Croatia



6. United Kingdom



7. Morocco



8. South Africa



9. Chile



10. Ecuador



11. Costa Rica



12. USA (we say Texas in the video, but we are more likely to live in Hawaii, Virgin Islands, or NYC for that month)


Another Big Announcement: Weekly Vlog!

I cannot express how excited we are for this.  We’ve wanted to do a large video project for a some time now.  While we currently have next to zero talent, we’re hopeful in learning new techniques and perfecting old ones to make an engaging, exciting, and uplifting recurring series for everyone to watch.

For us, it’s less about preaching to the masses about how great travel is, and more about sharing a few experiences with those we care about.  In particular, we want to share this trip with our son Carter.  It sounds funny saying that since he’s going to be with us the whole time, but let’s get real… he’s not going to remember any of it.  At least not directly.  He will remember the subtle values he learns about life as he grows up in completely unique places experiencing sights, smells, and people that he otherwise never would have.  So these videos might help him realize where some of those values came from.

So there you have it.  Finally some progress about our trip that doesn’t have to do with babies or losing weight.

PS: You should know that almost nothing is completely solid.  If you would like to try to sway our vote toward visiting a different country than what we got here, please let us know  in the comments below where you think we should go and why—we’re always looking for more!