We had such a fun day celebrating Carter’s birthday!  I’ve come to accept that I’m really no good at surprises… especially for Carter!  I wanted his birthday to be everything HE wanted so there were zero surprises for him and I think he had the best day ever.  The week before his birthday we went to the grocery store and he picked out his cake.  He chose every detail of the cake and when he saw it on his birthday he was beyond thrilled with it!  I took him to the store and he picked out the party hats, plates, napkins, table cloths, piñata, candy, etc.  When it was all pieced together for his party he was so excited!


It was a simple party at a local park where we invited his friends and they basically ran around playing together the whole time.  Just what Carter wanted!  We had cake, did presents, and then the piñata.  It really was a perfect little party for Carter and we are so proud of the big boy he is becoming!  We are also so grateful to live in such a wonderful place with amazing friends who came to support Carter!