As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), we often say “The church is true wherever you go.”  With more than 15 million members worldwide you can find a chapel to attend Sunday services almost anywhere you are.  My family would travel a lot when I was growing up and whether it was a weekend visit a couple hours away or a summer long trip to another state we would always attend church at an LDS chapel.  Especially when I was young, my siblings and I would complain about having to go to church while we were on vacation.  I am grateful for my parents’ persistence in having us attend our church meetings when traveling because it has instilled a personal testimony that the LDS church really is true wherever you go.

The LDS church has been sort of a safe haven for Scott and I while we’ve been traveling.  Even though we’re in a new place that is completely foreign to us, we are comforted in knowing that we can contact the leadership of the local LDS church and be welcomed in with open arms to be a part of a ward family.  Some of our greatest friends that we’ve made have been members of the local congregation that have reached out to us.

Here in Kaohsiung, Taiwan has been no different.  Even though we don’t speak Chinese and we definitely can’t understand the language or read the characters, we feel a part of this ward family and we’ve been able to feel the Holy Ghost testify to us of the truthfulness of this gospel through the humble testimonies of the Taiwanese members.