When we started this trip, we thought that Carter would co-sleep with us for the entire year; we had no idea that things would change just a few weeks before his first birthday.  He was getting bigger and was making it very clear to Scott and I that he needed more personal space to be comfortable at night.  We were getting worried about what we were going to do because he couldn’t sleep on a blanket on the floor (he would wake up a little delirious in the middle of the night and crawl all over everywhere just crying) and it was harder to sleep with him in the bed because he would either kick us off, or he’d fall off himself.  Needless to say it was getting very uncomfortable for everyone.

We were very blessed to have a pack-n-play available to us at an AirBnB accommodation where we attempted to transition Carter to sleeping on his own for the very first time.  We used this sleep training method with our own personal adjustments to help us and Carter feel more comfortable.  The first night was a huge success, and it improved each day for rest of the month.  We felt so free and liberated!  Also, Carter was getting better sleep on his own, which meant he was much more pleasant during the day.

With a week and a half left in the UK with a glorious pack-n-play, I started to worry about what the next few months would be like without one.  As I was perusing Facebook, an ad came up for a traveling crib.  I usually pay no attention to ads, but this one caught my eye: the Guava Family Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib.  A what?  A travel crib?  No. Way.

I spent over an hour on their website reading all about their products, watching the video of how it works over and over again, and reading the amazing reviews they have.  I waited so patiently for Scott to be done with work so I could show him just how perfect this crib was for us.  Okay, so I actually didn’t wait patiently at all…  I was too excited!  I went right into his office and told him all about the crib.  I had him watch the video, look at all the pictures, and read all the details and dimensions.  He was amazed.  (Go watch the video!)  Here are the details:

Our Lotus Everywhere Crib! | Twelve Countries in Twelve Months

We got in contact with Guava Family and, before I could pinch myself to see if it was all real, they agreed to help us out and a Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib was on its way.  The package arrived one week after arriving in Florence, Italy (the longest week of my life!) and we were all very excited to open it.

Did you see how excited Carter was about the crib??  I’m sure it’s because he knew how much better sleep we all got when we used one last month, and was just as happy as we were to get that lovely sleep back. Now, for the first time in 14 days, we’re getting more than 4 hours of rest a night.

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