Christmas is just around the corner, and if you don’t have a gift for someone you know who is expecting, I’m here to highly recommend a baby carrier!  We used and loved our Moby Wrap for when Carter was 0-7 months old, and then we switched to an Ergobaby Carrier for our round the world trip.  Carter is now 16 months old, over 25 lbs, and about 31 inches tall and we still love to have him in our baby carrier.  He also loves being in it!

Our first Ergobaby carrier experienced some wear and tear that made it uncomfortable to wear because it didn’t distribute the weight properly anymore.  I contacted Ergobaby about my issues and within a few emails they had another one shipped to me!  Their customer care was very helpful and I was impressed with how eager they were to make sure Carter and I were experiencing baby wearing properly again.

IMG_7930 IMG_7949 IMG_7943

The other thing I love about baby wearing is that anyone can do it.  Scott and I switch off carrying Carter, but while my parents were here in Chile visiting us, they loved wearing Carter around too!  My dad especially loved wearing Carter on the bus because he always fell asleep in the carrier.

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Baby wearing has been such a huge blessing to us as we’ve been traveling and I highly recommend it for anyone!  If you’re interested in baby wearing and aren’t sure where to start, I use and love Ergobaby, but there are a lot of different brands and styles out there.  Finding a carrier that fits you and your baby is the most important thing!

Happy Christmas shopping!