Happy Christmas from England

We stayed with Rachel, Dalley, and their son Leon for a little over a week during our month in England. We became fast friends and stayed up late each night talking about music, Doctor Who, and all sorts of various topics.  We felt like we had known each other for months and we’ve loved keeping in [Read more…]

House Sitting Day 12

Being almost finished with this house sitting assignment, everything feels normal.  We wake up and have our morning routine of feeding the dogs, letting them outside, feeding the ducks and checking for eggs, feeding the chickens and checking for eggs, and feeding the fish.  Several times a day we run around outside with the dogs [Read more…]

House Sitting Day 11

Today was a Pinterest day.  The sun was shining and it was actually warm so I decided Carter and I needed to spend some long quality time outside.  And who better to turn to than Pinterest when you need something fun to do with your toddler!  (Don’t worry, I experienced some “Pinterest Fails” with this [Read more…]

House Sitting Day 10

The other day I called my grandma’s cousin who lives here in England.  I’ve never met her, but talking on the phone with her was so easy and it felt so familiar.  We had hopes of connecting while we’re here in England, but we are on opposite sides of the country so we committed to [Read more…]

House Sitting Day 9

Meet Ralph, a Weimaraner.  Today we’re going to play a game called “What has Ralph eaten.”  More appropriately, we’ll call it “What has Ralph gotten off the counter, that he shouldn’t have, and eaten completely gone.”  Any guesses?  Here’s a short list that is growing every day: 2 pound block of cheese Tub of butter [Read more…]