Sushi Making

Today for an activity for our church, the women learned how to make sushi!  There is a woman from Japan in the group and she prepared everything and taught us all how to make it.  It was so fun to spend an afternoon with these women who have been so welcoming to me and so [Read more…]

Finding Monkey Mountain

On our second attempt, and with some help from Lisa and her youngest Rebecca, we were able to find Monkey Mountain!  It was actually the exact same mountain that Scott and I went to the first time, we just made a wrong turn on a trail..  But we decided that we were really glad that [Read more…]

Kaohsiung Night Markets

One of our absolute favorite things about being in Kaohsiung has been experiencing the night markets.  Scott put together this awesome video of the night markets: We LOVE the delicious food at the markets and it’s also hilarious to see how many people go crazy over Carter. ^^Seasoned chicken on a stick, candied sweet potatoes, [Read more…]

In Search of Lt. Kao

My grandpa has a special request of Scott and I while we’re in Taiwan.  We’ve been asked to find relatives of one of my grandpa’s friends.  This isn’t just any friend though, this man was my grandpa’s assigned buddy in the Army Ranger School back in 1961.  My grandpa speaks of his friend, Lt. Kao, [Read more…]