Casaroro Falls | Life in Valencia Philippines

Christmas in Philippines

We contacted our friend Jorge who we met while spending our month in Dumaguete, Philippines. He is the bishop of the ward (or group) for the Mormon church in a little town called “Valencia”, which is where we took the picture you see above. During our time there he and the rest of the ward made [Read more…]

Leaving Paradise

Soon we’ll be leaving this little piece of paradise that has been our home for the past month.  We’ll be hopping around a bit from hotel to hotel as we make our way around a few more islands here in the Philippines, then fly to Singapore, then Paris, take a train to London, and then [Read more…]

The Valencia Ward

I don’t think I’ve shaken so many hands in my life.  The minute we stepped through the doors of the church we were instantly greeted with big smiles and many, many handshakes.  Everyone came up to me and said, “Good morning Sister!”  I felt a part of the ward family and I had only been [Read more…]

Carter at 11 months

I’ve never been very good at documenting Carter’s age milestones and all the fun things that come with his growth.  I didn’t think it was exciting enough to document that he wasn’t a very smiley newborn or that he took forever to roll over, so I just got in the habit of not documenting at [Read more…]

Living in a Third World Country

Doing laundry isn’t always as simple as putting soap and all your clothes in a machine and pushing a button.  A bath isn’t always as simple as turning the nozzle to the “sweet spot” where you get perfectly warm water to fill the tub.  Coming to an intersection isn’t always as obvious to know when [Read more…]