Is There Christmas in Morocco?

Continuing with “12 Countries in 12 Days of Christmas”, we’ve come to one of our most surprising and amazing countries: Morocco. This was a question we wondered, even knowing that the majority of the country is Muslim. Had the Christmas hype traveled as far as here, and is it celebrated in any form?  Our good friend [Read more…]

Our New Favorite Country: Morocco

Our expectations for each country we’ve been to thus far have always been met, and in most places exceeded. From New Zealand’s landscape, Australia’s inevitable nature, Taiwan’s completely different culture, Philippines’ tropical living conditions, UK’s small-town charm, and Italy’s incredible food and history, on the general side of things we knew what we were getting [Read more…]

This Week at a Glance

This week went by way too fast.  We spent many more hours on the beach, ate delicious Moroccan food, made our own chicken tagine, and we have been spoiled by the sunsets.  We are in love with Essaouira and I “jokingly” bring up how we should buy an apartment here and rent it out all [Read more…]