Digging for Crabs

By the entrance to the beach there are GIANT crabs, like bigger than a fist!  That might not be huge to some people, but in real life that is huge to me!  They really freak me out when they move and I can’t help but jump and squeal… even if they’re just going back into [Read more…]

Our Home in Costa Rica

After an unexpected mishap at the airport (and a whole lot of money we hadn’t budgeted to spend), we made it to our new home in Costa Rica. There was a time at the airport when we had the decision to just go home to the USA. Adrenaline was flowing and the thought of being [Read more…]

Christmas in Costa Rica

Michael, or “Chava” as I know him, is one of my great friends from when we were missionaries in California.  He is just about the coolest guy I know, and is just a fantastic human being.  He’s also Costa Rican, and though he’s been living in the States for the past couple years he and his [Read more…]