Ascensor Peral | Finding Ascensors in Valparaiso


You don’t go to Valparaíso without taking an ascensor. You just don’t. It’s kind of like going to Italy and not eating gelato, or going to Russia and not drinking vodka.  It’s like the arteries of the city. Except not really. These days the only people that tend to use the ascensors frequently are the [Read more…]

Cemeteries Are Cool

You wouldn’t really think that spending a half a day hanging out with gravestones and mausoleums makes for a fun family trip, but it’s oddly been more or less a pastime of ours as we travel from country to country.  It’s interesting to see this aspect of society and how people treat their deceased.  We [Read more…]

Our Christmas in Chile

We might not be Chilean, but we have been living here for a month, so we figured we take part in as much of the Chilean Christmas culture that we could!  Introducing our final installment of 12 Countries in 12 Days of Christmas: Chile! What is a typical Christmas in Chile like? Not unlike many of [Read more…]

A Day with Renato

Even though Christmas is just around the corner, we’re still truckin’ along over here in Chile trying to experience as much of this place as we can before we leave in a week!  It still is so weird to me to be getting so close to Christmas, yet the weather is warm and I’m living [Read more…]

Sea Lions and Eating Eel

Scott has been sick for the last couple weeks and I got sick pretty much as soon as my parent’s left (nothing too serious, just a cough and some congestion), so we’ve been stuck in the apartment and close to it, trying to rest and get better.  Luckily Carter hasn’t gotten sick at all; we’ll keep [Read more…]