Christmas Down Under

Rearing up on the final stretch, “12 Countries in 12 Days of Christmas” has come to Day 10, and today our good friend Kelsie’s going to be talking to you about Australia. You know, where it’s hot during Christmas. Kelsie hails from Melbourne, and is about the best cinematographer around—her current job is taking her around [Read more…]

9 Ways Australia Tried to Kill Me

The Land Down Under is a deadly place, and thanks to content-sharing websites like Reddit, Imgur, and Buzzfeed everyone who owns internet now knows this. Earlier this year we decided to visit Australia understanding full well that at any given moment a dingo could come snatch our baby, or a crocodile on the sidewalk could [Read more…]

Brisbane Airport

We’ve gotten pretty good at packing our packs in a timely manner and we thought that since we got rid of our cloth diapers that our packs would be way lighter than usual!  Little did we know, they were actually heavier… They ended up being heavier because we weren’t planning on wearing as many layers [Read more…]

Vaccines in Australia

I basically lived a dream the other day!  I got to take my baby to the Parish Hall to get his vaccines!  I know it sounds silly, but I was so excited haha.  I absolutely love the show “Call the Midwife” and in the show the nuns and nurses hold a clinic for expecting mothers [Read more…]

Language Differences

Sometimes I find my self literally “LOL”-ing at the funny, uh, I mean… different… things Australians say in comparison to how I say them.  For one thing, this book is trying to make people who are eating a sandwich feel better about eating all the extra carbs in the bread by calling it a “salad [Read more…]