London with Family

My sister and her family of 8 moved to Cambridge, UK over the summer so a big reason we planned an extended trip in the UK was to spend time with them!  They took the train down to London one of the days we were there and we had so much fun exploring with them!  [Read more…]

A Day in Oceanside

We had so much fun in CA last week!  It was a great transition trip for our family before we came to London and we had such a great time seeing Scott’s family for his brother’s wedding!  I wish that we had done more adventuring while in CA for a few days, but honestly we [Read more…]

Ruby Beach

Only in the PNW do you dress for the snow when you head to the beach early in the morning only to shed all of your layers and even touch the water!   We LOVE Ruby beach!  When we decided to make a trip out to the Olympic Peninsula we knew that we had to [Read more…]