Trick-or-Treating 2017

Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE this little town we live in??  It’s a beautiful area with incredible places to hike and things to see, but then there’s this wonderful community and I just can’t handle how perfect it is for our little family right now!  The main street in town gets closed [Read more…]

Summer Days Got Me in the Pool

Remember last winter when we experienced crazy low temperatures and crazy amounts of snow here in Hood River, OR and it was not at all expected?  Well, hello summer.  You guessed it, crazy high temperatures and crazy lack of rain that was not at all expected.  Where does that leave us?  In weather that is [Read more…]

Backyard Camping

Sometimes life gets crazy, and no matter how hard we try to plan and execute our plans they just don’t work out.  Recently our family schedule has been super crazy and Scott and I have felt overwhelmed with the idea of planning out a camping trip for the family. Any time we tried putting something [Read more…]