Buy Our Bus!

I’m realizing now as I type this that I never came up with a name for our rig, and now sadly, we won’t be able to.  The good news is, now YOU get to name it whatever you want, because… 🎉 🎉 We’re selling the bus! 🎉 🎉 We’ve been the exclusive owners of this [Read more…]

Carter Turns 4

We had such a fun day celebrating Carter’s birthday!  I’ve come to accept that I’m really no good at surprises… especially for Carter!  I wanted his birthday to be everything HE wanted so there were zero surprises for him and I think he had the best day ever.  The week before his birthday we went [Read more…]

PNW Winter Wonderland

As you’ve probably seen from my Instagram, we were welcomed back to Oregon after our holiday traveling with about a foot of old snow that had become very hard and icy. Scott actually got our car stuck as we were making our first attempt at getting to the bus. #facepalm We’ve since received another foot [Read more…]