Traveling with Cloth Diapers

I did it.  I threw away my cloth diapers and I’m pretty sad about it.  A little distraught actually. We did a lot of research about traveling with cloth diapers before we left on our trip and unfortunately there’s just not much out there on the subject (Maybe we were just naive in thinking it [Read more…]

Travel Money

How to Make Ends Meet When Traveling Around the World

It’s no secret that traveling costs money. Back before we knew we were going to have Carter, we assumed that we had time to save up enough to be able to pay a year’s worth of gear and in-country living expenses, while collecting enough frequent flyer points to travel between countries for free. Thanks to some nasty debt we acquired early 2013 we didn’t save up quite enough frequent flyer points to get all three of us around the world, so we had to add expensive plane tickets to our list of things to pay for, and thus severely offset the amount we were going to use strictly for living expenses. This left us with some pretty wide assumptions, such as, “Things will work out with Scott’s job.” The thought that everything would politely fall into place was a tempting ideal, but ultimately naïve.

What It's Like To Sell Everything You Own

What It’s Like To Sell Everything You Own

I took a class on the history of Psychology once in college, taught by a man who turned out to be the best teacher I’ve ever had. We spent a great portion in that class discussing western philosophy, specifically the philosophies that came from the Greeks. I resonated with Socrates. He spoke truths to me, and everything I learned about the dude seemed to be right in line with what I believed as well. It was logical, and it was right. I would have killed to tutor under him, even if it meant I had to wear a toga every day. There was one thing I didn’t quite understand, however, one view on life that he had that I didn’t quite appreciate. That is, until now.

How to Keep Your “End Goal” in Focus (Budgeting Part II)

I am a big budgeter… or at least I pretend to be. That does not exactly mean that I stick to it. My biggest problem is a little something called forgetfulness. It’s an illness, you see, and it plagues me every day; the sad part is I don’t even know it. That is, until I log into and see for myself the damage my forgetfulness has done to my credit card bill. Turns out every time I forget that we don’t have any real money, I like to go spend-happy on burgers and fries (my vice of choice).

Tricks to Setting and Sticking Within a Budget: Part I

I’m a bit of a hypocrite. As much as I’d like to say that I’m good at sticking with a budget, I would be a fat liar if I did so. Quite the contrary, I suck at it. That’s partly why we’re in the red right now. The funny part about it is, I look at our balance about every other day or more. Does it help? Nope. And unfortunately it took me a couple years to realize why.