The Paint Job

Remember how embarrassing the outside of our bus used to be?  I had to mention how ugly the outside was if I ever posted a photo of it just so everyone knew that I did not think the outside was complete… We really had no idea of when we’d be able to do something to [Read more…]

What about the bus?

So, I’m going to address the elephant in the room. What is going on with the bus? You’ve probably noticed on our social media and the blog that we haven’t been talking too much about the bus.  I’m sure no one has lost sleep over this matter, but now that the holidays have calmed down [Read more…]

What’s New on the Bus

So, the bus is making a lot of progress!  We unfortunately didn’t meet our goals to be able to take it camping in Oregon with my family next week 🙁  but our new goal is to leave for Oregon the second week of August and we’ll start camping/living/exploring then!  Scott is staying in Utah with [Read more…]

Bus Decoration Inspiration

Planning the decorations for this bus has been the best and worst thing ever for me!  And Pinterest has only made things worse because everything on there is so cute, but I only have one bus to try to do it all in! I’ve really been hit by the minimalist bug in regards to decor. [Read more…]