About Us


Hi there, we’re Emily, Scott, toddler Carter, and baby Zellie!  We live in a retired city transit bus that we’ve converted into our very own tiny house on wheels.  We’ve been traveling around the US (mostly the western half) for the past year in our bus.

How We Started

After a series of miscarriages, we took a summer-long trip across the United States. During that enlightening journey, we decided it was time to make a bold move and plan our entire lives around traveling, with or without a family.  We were still recovering from a philosophy of feeling fenced in—we hated the thought of finishing up college and then just becoming the next competitors of “the Joneses”.  There’s nothing wrong with settling down—we even wish it for our own future…  but there was a little too much of the thought that we someday would have to, like it was expected of us.

It was this idea of “settling down”, we realized, that stops people from realizing their true potential.  One does not have to have a mortgage to become a functional member of society; one does not have to have a cubicle to feel stable enough to have a family.  But that seemed to be the path that defined success.  It’s a phenomena we like to call “experiential death”—or, in other words, the death of experiencing life as we know it.

A year and a half and one baby later, we left the United States for the first time together on a path toward discovering the world around us and incorporating travel in our family life forever.  We spent 12 months in 12 different countries and upon completing that trip, we purchased and renovated a retired city transit bus into a tiny home on wheels.  We welcomed our second baby into the world and into our tiny home and we are loving our little family life in our little home as we travel around the US.

Our Purpose

We hope that by having this website we can leave a public record of our journey and help influence others in knowing that travel doesn’t have to be just for the rich, retired, or single. Families of all sorts can experience life abroad and discover what it’s like to get outside of themselves, their environments, and their comfort zones.

After all, the more you see life from another’s perspective, the better your own becomes.

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